6 Little Monkeys ....

Friday, September 28, 2007


Since school has started for this year, we've had some dinner conversations about things they have been learning. One night we started talking about something that triggered Katherine to say, " I learned about Egypt !" Daddy asks, " When did Egypt start as a country?" Katherine, " Last year ! " Because she had learned about it in 1st grade and now she is in second grade.

Best Friends?

Just this last week or two here are a few funny things that happened or were said, While Chris was backing up his car down the driveway after work, Thomas hopped into his car and was happy to be in "Daddy's Car" to go to the garage. Chris asked him if they were best friends and Thomas simply said , "No" Chris asked, " Then who is? " Thomas -- "Somebody else" He never did answer a name he just left it at that.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Quick, Hide !!

January 9, 2007 While at a Doctors appointment for Thomas, he was told by Heidi that he had to get a shot. "Shot?" ----- " Quick, hide! !!" Said Thomas My kids never cease to amaze me with the things they say and do.

Glass of Milk, Please

January 3, 2007 Heidi asked mommy for a glass of milk. Mommy said, "sure since you asked so nicely." Heidi started to say," I think this was my cup," - pointing to one on the table. I said, " I'm not sure who's it was, so will get a clean one. We don't want to spread germs." " Yeah, cause then I'll have the baby too." ( Because I told her that the cup she thought was hers was the one I had been using, and I was pregnant at this time."

January 2007 Thomas likes to say " What happened?" when he hears a noise. I'll answer him and he says " aaawwww ---- good." He also says that when I answer his question of "doing?"

End of December 2006 I wasn't feeling good because I witnessed something GROSS! I started dry heaving and Heidi rand into the kitchen and said, "I'll get you a bowl mommy." She came back with a strainer bowl. All I could do was laugh.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

December 11, 2006 For FHE Kaylee was in charge of the refreshments. She wanted to make Chocolate Chip cookies, and she read the recipe and we needed eggs. She opened the fridge and asked which ones to use? I checked the dates and two cartons had 12 -12 - 2006 as the date. She then said, " Two of these are due by tomorrow."

November 2006 Chris took Kaylee, Heidi and Thomas for a little while on a car ride. They went to Office Max and afterwards drove up and around the Provo Temple. On the way home Heidi our the blue says, " I love you Daddy, more than ice cream and cookies!"

October 30, 2006 For Family Home Eveing (FHE) activity we were carving our pumpkins. Katherine asked if she could eat the pumpkin. Chris said, "Of course." So she took a bite and said, " It's good!" So Heidi wanted to try as well, she took a bite but didn't like it as much. Katherine decided to go wash off her piece. Heidi said, " I'll wash mine off too! Maybe it won't taste so yucky!"

Awww, It Feels .....

January 18, 2006 Kaylee wasn't feeling well ( temperature of 102 ) decided to go to bed early. Usually she sleeps on the top bunk bed but since she was sick chose to sleep on the bottom. Where Heidi used to sleep, the mattress was moved to the other bedroom but the bunky board was still there. I spread a thick quilt across it and whe snuggled into her sleeping bag and said, " Aww, it feels like InteliBed" She's never even laid down on an InteliBed. All I could do was laugh.

"These Are Boobs"

January 2006 While walking through WalMart we passed the lingerie section. Heidi was looking at something and feeling them. Two ladies were near by talking and heard Heidi say, " These are Boobs!!" in a semi - loud voice. They started to laugh and I turned around to see what she was looking at and laughed. She was looking at a BRA.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Cereal??

January 2006
When asking Heidi one morning what she wanted for breakfast she said, " Cereal"
I asked her what kind, because we had Cheerios and Kix as options. She simply said, "the balls!" meaning Kix cereal because it's shaped like little balls.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wedding picture

January 3, 2006 While looking at a wedding picture Heidi said, "This looks like Dad. " " Mommy is the Daddy?" I said, "Yes." Then she points to me and asks " Is this mommy?" I said, "Yes." then I said, " that's a picture from when mommy and daddy got married." She looked at me with her eyes big and said, " MARRIED?" I said, "Yes." Heidi then simply responded "WHY?"

Girls Talking

Fall of 2005 While driving home one day I overheard the girls talking in the back. Kaylee: " I nudist that." Mom: "What did you say?" She said the same thing again and then added " 'nudist' is spanish for 'noticed' I couldn't help but laugh so hard I almost peed my pants.

Babies and marriage

March 2004 While sitting at the dinner table Katherine asks me, " Do you and daddy have to get married again before you have more babies?" Mom: "No, we're already married we can have as many babies as we want." Kaylee: " But we don't want any more girl babies. We just want 3 boys." Katherine: " Yeah, one baby boy, and two big boys. One to fight with Heidi, one to fight with me and one to fight with Kaylee."

Amber and Daria

March 2004 Mom: Wow Katherine, Amber ( our dog) and Daria ( a friend) have the same birthday isn't that cool? Looking puzzled Katherine says," Then what party will we go to? "