6 Little Monkeys ....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'll get it ....

The other day the kids wanted to have Macaroni and Cheese for lunch. Thomas was so excited -- he ran over to where the pots and pans are kept, and said, " I'll get a pan!" He grabbed one and came back and said, " Here, Mommy, I got one!" I looked at what he had brought to me and saw that it was the "steamer" part of my pan set. Now how cute is that. Totally eager to help, excited about helping, and grabbed what he thought would work. I'm going to be so sad, when he outgrows this kind of "cuteness".

Monday, November 12, 2007

Freezing .....

November 10th -- My five year old wasn't feeling well and said, "Mommy, this is weird." I asked, " What is weird?" While touching her arms, she says, " My arms are freezing cold," and then lays the back of her hand on her forehead and says, " but my here it's freezing hot."

Monday, November 5, 2007


Saturday night, November 3rd -- I dressed up with a shirt, skirt and then put on a "ladies" suit jacked that I just recently picked up at D.I. -- and Heidi said, " Mommy, you look so Handsome" I laughed so hard !!!

Pumpkin Fun !!

Katherine trying to pick up the gigantic pumpkin, thanks to the McPherson's. Kaylee's turn, to do the same thing. They thought it was great that they were able to pick up such a big pumpkin. Thomas was bending down to try and pick up the pumpkin. But lost his balance and kind of fell over the top and rolled over it.

Here are my 5 amazing kids!!! They never cease to make me laugh, unless they make me a little upset, but it's quickly forgotten.
Katherine wanted to take a picture with me in it, so here are Ethan, Heidi, and Kaylee. Thomas got bored and ran off. Heidi's trying to pick up the same gigantic pumpkin. I don't think she was able to get it off the ground though.

These two monkeys, decided to start rolling the pumpkins to move them. That is what made me laugh the most. Because they just thought of it and did it. I did have to end it before they pumpkins were in bad shape.

We carved the pumpkins for FHE later this same night --- I love these times when we can spend together. Especially since, they will all be grown up before I know it!! I love these gals and guys.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Yogurt Please!!

Just today, Thomas: " Mom, I want some yogurt!" " Can I have some?" MoM: " What are you going to do for some yogurt?" THomas: " UMM" Mom: " I know what you can do!" Thomas: " What Mom? " Mom: " Give me a hug, and a kiss, and tell me that you love me" Thomas: Comes up and snuggles up to me and gives me the hug, then turns to my face and gives me a kiss and then backs away a little and says, " I love you, daddy!" MOM: " Aww, get away you" ( I said that jokingly but as I said that, he came back with this) Thomas: " i LOVE you MOM!!" Aren't they just precious!! Even if he is a stinker sometimes.