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Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Momsense" youtube videoclip

I can't tell you how much I laughed when I watched and listened to this and I hope that moms or parents in general will enjoy it as well. This lady is awesome. It was titled momsense on http://www.youtube.com/ Enjoy!! I'm glad that I rewatched this after a day at the mall with five crazy kids.


January 7, 2004 Kaylee, Katherine and I were working with paper making snowflakes. Kaylee was coloring hers, Katherine was just cutting up paper. I said they could hang them on their sliding glass door. I walked in and they had some shapes of paper on the window. I asked how they got them on -- and if there was tape? While holding a tube of chapstick Katherine said, " No I'm just gluing them on."

Cheese Grater

January 3, 2004 We heard a noise in the kitchen. When I looked to see what it was I saw Kaylee with the cheese grater, asked her if she dropped it. Kaylee: No, I dropped myself


Jan - 2004 After teaching my kids about "handicap" parking spots, Katherine now see the blue square with a wheelchair person and says "Is that Candicap?" She was around 3 1/2 when this happened.

I have Two Eyes

12 - 25 - 2003 While at Grandma and Grandpa Randolphs house in California, Kaylee was playing Ping Pong against her daddy. Someone turned on the T.V. in the same room. (Kaylee has a weakness for T.V.) She kept looking at it while playing and wasn't paying attention to the ball. Daddy said "Kaylee you need to keep you eyes on the ball and watch the ball. Kaylee : " That's okay daddy I've got two eyes."

Lawnmower in Winter

12 - 14 - 2003 A neighbor knocks on the door telling me, " Kaylee says shes gonna cut your grass." Me: "Does she have the lawn mower out? " -- kind of asking it to myself. -- Sure enough I look out and Kaylee is on the sidewalk with Daddy's lawn-mower. ( While there is snow on the ground.)

Orange Grandma

I have five kids and at various times have written down the funny things they have done or said and I now share them with you. Here is a quick rundown of our kids --- Kaylee is child number one born April of 1999 Katherine is child number two born May of 2000 ( 4 days shy of being exactly 13 months apart) Heidi is child number three born August of 2002 Thomas is child number four born January of 2005 Ethan is child number five born April of 2007 8 - 17 - 2003 Kaylee: When Ashley(a cousin) grows up her mommy(Has auburn hair) will be an orange grandma. Parents: Why will she be an orange grandma? Kaylee: Because she has orange hair. Katherine: That's a good one Kaylee.