6 Little Monkeys ....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hid ..."e" what?

The other day Ethan was being really cute with Esther and came up rubbing her face gently and so sweetly said, "Esther, you are so hideous."    He had no clue what it meant until I explained it to him and then he said, "Mom, you are hideous!"  All I could do was laugh!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Normal Pains ..

Tonight during Family Home Evening, Kaylee announced that she went skating for 4 hours on Saturday.  And I jumped in and said, "And she hasn't complained about hurting from it either."  And then Kaylee said while pointing to her calf, "Except for right here, but that's normal."  And then I said, " So just your calf hurts?"   

Then Heidi says, "She doesn't have a baby cow!" 

Say Cheese!!

The other night we were eating dinner, and I had a bowl of shredded cheese sitting right next to me while I was holding Esther.  And I looked away for less than a minute and the little creature reached up and grabbed the bowl and dumped it on me.   And we all laughed, then Ethan comes up and gently pats Esther's hand and in his cutest little excited voice says,  "Yay Esther you had your first cheese lesson!" 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just this morning Ethan was getting dressed.  He put on his pants and then put on the socks I gave him.  He came walking out and his pants were tucked into his socks.  I said, " Ethan your pants are tucked into your socks."  after waiting a few seconds I then said, " You look so silly, you are such a clown!" 

He stood up and started walking away, while saying ... "No - You are a clown!  You tell jokes." 

The other day Heidi was looking at an envelope in my car that was in the glove box for a while but ended up on the dash instead of back in the glove box.  She looked at the envelope which read " Mr. & Mrs. Chris and Wendy Randolph" 

She said, " Why does it say Mrs.?  You aren't a teacher or anything."