6 Little Monkeys ....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Always funny, T-man

Background info: I have my mail slot right in my front door. So when the mail is delivered it comes right into the house. So this morning when the mail came, T-man got all excited and ran over to the door. He saw that a bunch of "ads" came and said, " Mom, we have to go grocery shopping." Only we don't. He just see's the ads and just automatically thinks it means we're going shopping. ------------------------------------ The other day this was said : After getting a gift from a friend, T-man said, " I'm gonna take this, I need to go show MY girls!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy silly kids

The other night this was said, Katherine: "Dishes are .... a privilege. And I don't think I've earned it yet." Different day this was said, Katherine, " Here Thomas let me help you." Thomas, " Why will I make a mess?" A little later ..... Mommy, " Go ahead, Thomas you can do it." Thomas, " No, I might MAKE a mess."

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Lately whenever I go into a store, my two boys start running behind me and scream the tarzan like scream while running down the isles. And now Little Guy ( used to be called Little Monster) will run down the isle and band his hands on his chest while running and making the sound. (Just something cute I don't ever want to forget)


I had clothes that needed to be folded and dishes that needed to be washed, I proceeded to tell the girls that they couldn't do something or have something ( I can't remember now) until they did one of these. Sleeping Beauty came back with, " I'm not folding the dishes!" She hates to do any chores at all -- so she said this with her whiny don't want to do it voice, and made all of us laugh.

Don't Listen to...

The other morning I was trying to get the kids ready for school and had cut up some strawberries to be eaten for breakfast that morning. I made sure I told ALL the kids to not eat them until everyone was dressed and ready for school. I was in the living room, helping Sunshine with her belt and then I looked to the kitchen and saw that the older two girls and T-Man were in eating on the strawberries. So being the bad mom I am, screamed, " What are you doing?? You aren't supposed to eat those yet!" Smartie Pants said, " But Thomas said it was okay to eat them." I then said, "Well don't listen to Thomas he makes things up." And almost immediately and in a normal soft unoffended kind of voice he says, " Yeah guys, don't listen to me." ( While he was grabbing another strawberry out of the bowl. )

What are you doing??

Just the other day I was getting ready to leave or switch laundry and walked into our laundry room and found Katherine in there opening the bag of croutons. I asked her what she was doing and she simply said, " Being a thief." Everyone likes to eat on the croutons, and she wasn't supposed to be eating on them.


Jan 6, 2009 Just a few minutes later Kaylee's screaming in the Living Room "SPIDER!!! " It got away under the couch so I tried to move the couch to find it. T-man asks Kaylee, " Are you Scarry?" ( Instead of Are you scared?)

More of T-Man

I actually have a few funnies to share again, FIrst one being something like this: The other night Chris and I were trying to have a discussion and T-man kept screaming and yelling at me to get my attention but I was trying to talk with Chris at the same time. Well after starting to really get mad at me, T-man said very loudly, "MOM, ZIP IT!" ( he wanted his coat zipped) The next one goes something like this: Last night trying to get the boys to bed, I was asked by T-Man to sing a song, so I said, OK. (By the way I DON'T SING!) So I suggested Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and as I was already mostly singing it I got into the second line, and he piped up with this in a somewhat annoyed voice, "Not that song, I'm a big kid!"