6 Little Monkeys ....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Foot Punching...

I just realized I've neglected to put a lot of our "funnies" on this blog from this year.  Oops...

Here's one from the other day:

Ethan was crying and said, " Thomas punched me in the stomach with his foot!"  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Days of the week...

While taking two of my kids, (Heidi and Thomas) to their summer reading camp class the other morning, Ethan was along for the ride and asked, " Is it Tuesday?" 

I said, "Yes! You are right!"

And then Thomas asked, " Is tomorrow Friday?"

I said, "No! We just had Friday a few days ago.  We still have the rest of Tuesday, Wednesday and then Thursday before we get to Friday."

He then said, " So we'll have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and skip Friday?"  (He said this with the hugest smile on his face)

Popcorn anyone??

So while I took Ethan to his Start Smart Baseball practice last night, I was wearing flip flops.  And then out of the blue he says, " Mom, your flip flops sound like popcorn popping!"