6 Little Monkeys ....

Monday, March 24, 2008

I know my name....

A few things happened this last week that I thought were very funny!!! These both happened on Friday March 21, 2008 --- 1st one: We had picked up some chocolate candies that we could give to my niece and nephew that we were going to see just that afternoon. I opened the bag so we could put a few pieces into little cute party bags and then we put the leftover candies into the original bag. I went outside to throw something away or put something into the van ( I can't remember) but I came in my back door and Thomas was holding the piece of chocolate, still wrapped, in his hands and cupping it. I saw that he had it, and he realized that I "caught" him with a piece of candy and then he said, " This says Thomas David Randolph!" and I had to start laughing because of the adage that says something like: "Does it have your name on it?" " No" " Then it isn't yours!" -- He was quite cute when he said that. But then we put all of the chocolates into a Ziploc bag and then while he was holding the full bag, he said the same thing again. How Funny!! At least he knows his name now. 2ND one: I was at my sisters house and we were having the prayer over the food we were to eat for dinner and her son Jacob, age 6, was saying it. He started off and said a few things and then he just went silent for a LONG time and my sister just waited and watched and didn't offer him any help, so I being quite hungry prompted him to say the ending to the prayer. He finished the prayer and then his mom said, "What happened?" Jacob came back with, " I got stage freight!" and then he giggled a little.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Did you wash ...?

Last night after Thomas got his bath he was walking into the livingroom with his towel wrapped around him waiting to get his pajamas on. Chris was laying on the floor and asked, " Are you done with your bath already?" And Thomas said, "yes!" And Chris asked him, " Did you wash your hair ?" Thomas answered, "YES!" Chris: " Did you wash your bootie crack?" Thomas said, " Yes" --- and then Thomas was stading in front of Chris so that he couldn't see the TV program he was watching and Chris tried to push him to the side out of the way and Thomas said, ' No Dad!, don't see my bootie crap!" Chris just died laughing!! ( I don't think I've seen him ever laugh so hard before!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sunday morning I was getting Thomas ready for church and he said, " Mommy, I want to grow another baby!" --- "Let's grow another one!" I just had to laugh!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


March 2, 2008 We had some orange juice out to drink after dinner last night, and with Chris being sick we've been going through it like crazy, so Thomas saw Chris drinking some of it and asked why he was drinking it, and Chris said, " Because I'm sick" So Thomas started making a sound that indicated he wasn't feeling well, and lifted up his shirt and said, "see I'm sick too!" I guess he wanted to drink some juice as well.