6 Little Monkeys ....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dancing balloons & Santa Claus

Today December 21, 2007 We were driving along a road and came to one of those "houses for sale" signs -- the kind advertizing new subdivisions of some kind. Well attached to the sign were some balloons that had strings on them. Well when we drove past the sign Thomas said, " those balloons were dancing! " The wind was really strong and blowing them around pretty wildly. Just this last week : He also had noticed that an blow up Santa Claus Balloon on top of a car dealership just down the street from us was not being aired up at the time and said, " Uh oh -- Santa fell down, mommy!"

This happened just this morning: Katherine: " Thomas, are you going to be scared when we go swimming in Idaho, at the hotel? " Thomas: " No, I'm gonna be a guy."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


On Monday December 17th, I went to the school to pick up Kaylee because she was feeling sick. So I went to tell Katherine not to wait for Kaylee after school. She said, "Okay" then Katherine's friend, Bryanna came to me and said, " My family is going to Texas this week. Can Katherine come with us?" I tried not to laugh out loud. But it was sweet of her to think of Katherine.
Here's a picture of Katherine with her friend Bryanna.

The other night for FHE, Thomas had the refreshments. So I had him help me make some Peanut clusters for the treat. The ingredients are peanuts and chocolate chips. I let him help me pour the chocolate chips into the bag and then I melted them down in a pot over the stove. Once they were melted I brought the pot back over to him and asked him how it looked?? I then had him pour the peanuts into the pot so that I could stir them into the melted chocolate chips. I asked him if he knew what we were making and he said, " Chocolate chip cookies !!" "Yummy!!!" I just had to laugh because they were actually peanut clusters. But hey, I guess they could have been called chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This looks like .....

Last night for dinner I had a pan with brown gravy mixed up and Thomas and Katherine almost at the same time said, " This looks like chocolate !" Too bad it really wasn't.

Pick up these .....

This morning, while I was trying to get Thomas dressed, I asked him to come over to me from the front of the couch. He had left out some toys from the night before and he tripped over them, and said, " Guys, pick up these toys!" I just had to laugh because -- he was the one who played with them last night and didn't put them away.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'll get it ....

The other day the kids wanted to have Macaroni and Cheese for lunch. Thomas was so excited -- he ran over to where the pots and pans are kept, and said, " I'll get a pan!" He grabbed one and came back and said, " Here, Mommy, I got one!" I looked at what he had brought to me and saw that it was the "steamer" part of my pan set. Now how cute is that. Totally eager to help, excited about helping, and grabbed what he thought would work. I'm going to be so sad, when he outgrows this kind of "cuteness".

Monday, November 12, 2007

Freezing .....

November 10th -- My five year old wasn't feeling well and said, "Mommy, this is weird." I asked, " What is weird?" While touching her arms, she says, " My arms are freezing cold," and then lays the back of her hand on her forehead and says, " but my here it's freezing hot."

Monday, November 5, 2007


Saturday night, November 3rd -- I dressed up with a shirt, skirt and then put on a "ladies" suit jacked that I just recently picked up at D.I. -- and Heidi said, " Mommy, you look so Handsome" I laughed so hard !!!

Pumpkin Fun !!

Katherine trying to pick up the gigantic pumpkin, thanks to the McPherson's. Kaylee's turn, to do the same thing. They thought it was great that they were able to pick up such a big pumpkin. Thomas was bending down to try and pick up the pumpkin. But lost his balance and kind of fell over the top and rolled over it.

Here are my 5 amazing kids!!! They never cease to make me laugh, unless they make me a little upset, but it's quickly forgotten.
Katherine wanted to take a picture with me in it, so here are Ethan, Heidi, and Kaylee. Thomas got bored and ran off. Heidi's trying to pick up the same gigantic pumpkin. I don't think she was able to get it off the ground though.

These two monkeys, decided to start rolling the pumpkins to move them. That is what made me laugh the most. Because they just thought of it and did it. I did have to end it before they pumpkins were in bad shape.

We carved the pumpkins for FHE later this same night --- I love these times when we can spend together. Especially since, they will all be grown up before I know it!! I love these gals and guys.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Yogurt Please!!

Just today, Thomas: " Mom, I want some yogurt!" " Can I have some?" MoM: " What are you going to do for some yogurt?" THomas: " UMM" Mom: " I know what you can do!" Thomas: " What Mom? " Mom: " Give me a hug, and a kiss, and tell me that you love me" Thomas: Comes up and snuggles up to me and gives me the hug, then turns to my face and gives me a kiss and then backs away a little and says, " I love you, daddy!" MOM: " Aww, get away you" ( I said that jokingly but as I said that, he came back with this) Thomas: " i LOVE you MOM!!" Aren't they just precious!! Even if he is a stinker sometimes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I stole your spot

October 22, 2007 --- While in my bedroom, Thomas came in (while he was supposed to be in bed), and sat on the floor for a few minutes until Chris got up from his spot on the bed - to go to the other room. Upon his return Thomas looked at him and said, " I stole your spot" in the most cute and mischievious voice I've ever heard and then said, " You sit on the floor now" Remember this kid is only 2!!!

You're making mud,

Last night for dinner we had burritos, consisting of tortillas and refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and olives. The beans that we were using were really thick and on the dry side, Chris asked howcome they are so dry, and if I had added any water to help smooth them out. I said I hadn't added any and then I proceeded to get a measuring cup with a little bit of water to pour into the beans. Heidi watching close by saw what I was and doing and saw how much water I had poured in, and said, " Now your going to make some mud!" Luckily it wasn't mud that we were eating!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

October 2007 ---- While my children and I were eating dinner, Chris was gone at the temple. We were having hot dogs and tots -- due to their request!! They kept asking for Fry Sauce, (which is something that their Dad makes usually) seeing as how he wasn't home, I tried to make some myself. The kids kept telling me how it didn't look like daddy's and then I tasted it and it tasted fine. Katherine tried it and said well, it's not just like Dad's but it's okay. I said yeah I know it isn't as good as Dad's but it'll work. Katherine came back with a "Dad must have some special ingredient he uses to make it, like spit or something."

Monday, October 15, 2007

Potato Salad and Easter Eggs

October 14, 2007 Yesturday after church, I was making potato salad and my two year old little boy asked me for an Easter Egg. Of course, I was peeling plain white, hardboiled eggs. A few minutes later after I had finished peeling and rinsing off the eggs, he asked me "Why are you putting easter eggs in that bowl, mommy?" So I guess he has associated boiled eggs as being Easter eggs whether they are colored or not. I thought it was cute.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trick or Treat !!

October 14, 2007 My kids were watching ET the movie, and there was a part on there where they said "trick or treat" and Thomas heard it and said, " TRICK OR TREAT? ---- YEAH !!!" I asked him if he knew what trick or treating was and he said, " CANDY!!" He got all excited and started jumping up and down and happy as a clown!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

October 13, 2007 My husbands brother Dan, was getting ready to head out for a dance at a local church building somewhere, and was dressed up in a white shirt with a tie and dress pants. Chris wanted Thomas to come up and tell us where Dan was going. Mom: " Where is Dan going?" Thomas: " To Work!" Mom: " He's not going to work, where else do you think he's going?" Thomas: " To the TEMPLE!!" That was the response we told Dan -- that Thomas would say if he saw how dressed up he was. He's not even endowed or has ever been to the temple, so that's what makes it all the more funny.

Jelly in my .......

October 13th, 2007 We came home late from my in laws home about a 20 minute drive from here. And Thomas decided to tell us that he was poopy about 5 minutes into the drive. So I told him that we would change him as soon as we got home. Once we were home I laid him down and proceeded to take of his pajamas and then his diaper. Before I had the diaper off, he said, " I have jelly in my diaper" -- I couldn't do anything but laugh, -- because he had just barely started falling asleep in the car when we took him out. Kids -- often seem to say the funniest things.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tales of a Hat .....

October 9, 2007 I came across an old infant "santa" hat and decided to be silly and put it on Ethan's head, it fit -- but very snug!! Thomas noticed that Ethan was wearing this hat and said, " Mom, Ethan's wearing a birthday hat!" When Thomas first saw Ethan he was laying on the floor with the hat on his head and the pointed end was sticking straight up, but then when Ethan rolled over he said " A Christmas Hat!"

Monday, October 8, 2007

My kids are a bunch of Posers

These are candid shots that I found on my camera because most of them are taken by my kids doing what they do best!! Being cute and funny!! Hope you like them as much as I did -- but then again I'm a little biased.

Here and Here ......

October 8, 2007 Tonight while we were having some hot dogs and tater tots for dinner -- Kaylee asked if we had "fry sauce" ( Because her dad usually makes some when we have tots and fries) Thomas came immediately back with a " Yes, here and here " Pointing to the Ketchup and then the Veganaise containers -- both of which are used to make the fry sauce.


Okay so this evening when we were getting ready for bed, Thomas was hugging and kissing daddy goodnight when daddy asked, " ARE WE BUDDIES?" to Thomas. Thomas while laughing came back with a," Yeah, AIR BUDDIES!!" Air Buddies is one of his favorite movies about dogs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pizza, Pizza

I was over at my sister in law's house this afternoon, and I hadn't eaten lunch or given my son anything to eat yet either. So I asked him if he wanted pizza? And of course he said Yes -- so I told him we'd pick up one, and take it to his cousins house and eat it over there. He said," Yes, lets get a pizza go home and eat it all!!! " I think he was very eager to eat the whole thing since his sisters were all gone at school still. But when I got to my sister in laws her red-headed five year old wanted some pizza as well. So we let her have a piece. But when she was looking in the box, she saw a piece with a bubble in it, and said, " I want the one with the bubble!!" It being a fairly large piece, I decided to tell her that I wanted the one with the bubble, because it's my pizza. She came back after about 10 -12 seconds and said, "Yeah, but it's my house!" She had me good on that one. I don't even remember who ended up with the piece that had the bubble.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Since school has started for this year, we've had some dinner conversations about things they have been learning. One night we started talking about something that triggered Katherine to say, " I learned about Egypt !" Daddy asks, " When did Egypt start as a country?" Katherine, " Last year ! " Because she had learned about it in 1st grade and now she is in second grade.

Best Friends?

Just this last week or two here are a few funny things that happened or were said, While Chris was backing up his car down the driveway after work, Thomas hopped into his car and was happy to be in "Daddy's Car" to go to the garage. Chris asked him if they were best friends and Thomas simply said , "No" Chris asked, " Then who is? " Thomas -- "Somebody else" He never did answer a name he just left it at that.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Quick, Hide !!

January 9, 2007 While at a Doctors appointment for Thomas, he was told by Heidi that he had to get a shot. "Shot?" ----- " Quick, hide! !!" Said Thomas My kids never cease to amaze me with the things they say and do.

Glass of Milk, Please

January 3, 2007 Heidi asked mommy for a glass of milk. Mommy said, "sure since you asked so nicely." Heidi started to say," I think this was my cup," - pointing to one on the table. I said, " I'm not sure who's it was, so will get a clean one. We don't want to spread germs." " Yeah, cause then I'll have the baby too." ( Because I told her that the cup she thought was hers was the one I had been using, and I was pregnant at this time."

January 2007 Thomas likes to say " What happened?" when he hears a noise. I'll answer him and he says " aaawwww ---- good." He also says that when I answer his question of "doing?"

End of December 2006 I wasn't feeling good because I witnessed something GROSS! I started dry heaving and Heidi rand into the kitchen and said, "I'll get you a bowl mommy." She came back with a strainer bowl. All I could do was laugh.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

December 11, 2006 For FHE Kaylee was in charge of the refreshments. She wanted to make Chocolate Chip cookies, and she read the recipe and we needed eggs. She opened the fridge and asked which ones to use? I checked the dates and two cartons had 12 -12 - 2006 as the date. She then said, " Two of these are due by tomorrow."

November 2006 Chris took Kaylee, Heidi and Thomas for a little while on a car ride. They went to Office Max and afterwards drove up and around the Provo Temple. On the way home Heidi our the blue says, " I love you Daddy, more than ice cream and cookies!"

October 30, 2006 For Family Home Eveing (FHE) activity we were carving our pumpkins. Katherine asked if she could eat the pumpkin. Chris said, "Of course." So she took a bite and said, " It's good!" So Heidi wanted to try as well, she took a bite but didn't like it as much. Katherine decided to go wash off her piece. Heidi said, " I'll wash mine off too! Maybe it won't taste so yucky!"

Awww, It Feels .....

January 18, 2006 Kaylee wasn't feeling well ( temperature of 102 ) decided to go to bed early. Usually she sleeps on the top bunk bed but since she was sick chose to sleep on the bottom. Where Heidi used to sleep, the mattress was moved to the other bedroom but the bunky board was still there. I spread a thick quilt across it and whe snuggled into her sleeping bag and said, " Aww, it feels like InteliBed" She's never even laid down on an InteliBed. All I could do was laugh.

"These Are Boobs"

January 2006 While walking through WalMart we passed the lingerie section. Heidi was looking at something and feeling them. Two ladies were near by talking and heard Heidi say, " These are Boobs!!" in a semi - loud voice. They started to laugh and I turned around to see what she was looking at and laughed. She was looking at a BRA.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Cereal??

January 2006
When asking Heidi one morning what she wanted for breakfast she said, " Cereal"
I asked her what kind, because we had Cheerios and Kix as options. She simply said, "the balls!" meaning Kix cereal because it's shaped like little balls.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wedding picture

January 3, 2006 While looking at a wedding picture Heidi said, "This looks like Dad. " " Mommy is the Daddy?" I said, "Yes." Then she points to me and asks " Is this mommy?" I said, "Yes." then I said, " that's a picture from when mommy and daddy got married." She looked at me with her eyes big and said, " MARRIED?" I said, "Yes." Heidi then simply responded "WHY?"

Girls Talking

Fall of 2005 While driving home one day I overheard the girls talking in the back. Kaylee: " I nudist that." Mom: "What did you say?" She said the same thing again and then added " 'nudist' is spanish for 'noticed' I couldn't help but laugh so hard I almost peed my pants.

Babies and marriage

March 2004 While sitting at the dinner table Katherine asks me, " Do you and daddy have to get married again before you have more babies?" Mom: "No, we're already married we can have as many babies as we want." Kaylee: " But we don't want any more girl babies. We just want 3 boys." Katherine: " Yeah, one baby boy, and two big boys. One to fight with Heidi, one to fight with me and one to fight with Kaylee."

Amber and Daria

March 2004 Mom: Wow Katherine, Amber ( our dog) and Daria ( a friend) have the same birthday isn't that cool? Looking puzzled Katherine says," Then what party will we go to? "

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Momsense" youtube videoclip

I can't tell you how much I laughed when I watched and listened to this and I hope that moms or parents in general will enjoy it as well. This lady is awesome. It was titled momsense on http://www.youtube.com/ Enjoy!! I'm glad that I rewatched this after a day at the mall with five crazy kids.


January 7, 2004 Kaylee, Katherine and I were working with paper making snowflakes. Kaylee was coloring hers, Katherine was just cutting up paper. I said they could hang them on their sliding glass door. I walked in and they had some shapes of paper on the window. I asked how they got them on -- and if there was tape? While holding a tube of chapstick Katherine said, " No I'm just gluing them on."

Cheese Grater

January 3, 2004 We heard a noise in the kitchen. When I looked to see what it was I saw Kaylee with the cheese grater, asked her if she dropped it. Kaylee: No, I dropped myself


Jan - 2004 After teaching my kids about "handicap" parking spots, Katherine now see the blue square with a wheelchair person and says "Is that Candicap?" She was around 3 1/2 when this happened.

I have Two Eyes

12 - 25 - 2003 While at Grandma and Grandpa Randolphs house in California, Kaylee was playing Ping Pong against her daddy. Someone turned on the T.V. in the same room. (Kaylee has a weakness for T.V.) She kept looking at it while playing and wasn't paying attention to the ball. Daddy said "Kaylee you need to keep you eyes on the ball and watch the ball. Kaylee : " That's okay daddy I've got two eyes."

Lawnmower in Winter

12 - 14 - 2003 A neighbor knocks on the door telling me, " Kaylee says shes gonna cut your grass." Me: "Does she have the lawn mower out? " -- kind of asking it to myself. -- Sure enough I look out and Kaylee is on the sidewalk with Daddy's lawn-mower. ( While there is snow on the ground.)

Orange Grandma

I have five kids and at various times have written down the funny things they have done or said and I now share them with you. Here is a quick rundown of our kids --- Kaylee is child number one born April of 1999 Katherine is child number two born May of 2000 ( 4 days shy of being exactly 13 months apart) Heidi is child number three born August of 2002 Thomas is child number four born January of 2005 Ethan is child number five born April of 2007 8 - 17 - 2003 Kaylee: When Ashley(a cousin) grows up her mommy(Has auburn hair) will be an orange grandma. Parents: Why will she be an orange grandma? Kaylee: Because she has orange hair. Katherine: That's a good one Kaylee.

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