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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Orange Grandma

I have five kids and at various times have written down the funny things they have done or said and I now share them with you. Here is a quick rundown of our kids --- Kaylee is child number one born April of 1999 Katherine is child number two born May of 2000 ( 4 days shy of being exactly 13 months apart) Heidi is child number three born August of 2002 Thomas is child number four born January of 2005 Ethan is child number five born April of 2007 8 - 17 - 2003 Kaylee: When Ashley(a cousin) grows up her mommy(Has auburn hair) will be an orange grandma. Parents: Why will she be an orange grandma? Kaylee: Because she has orange hair. Katherine: That's a good one Kaylee.