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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pizza, Pizza

I was over at my sister in law's house this afternoon, and I hadn't eaten lunch or given my son anything to eat yet either. So I asked him if he wanted pizza? And of course he said Yes -- so I told him we'd pick up one, and take it to his cousins house and eat it over there. He said," Yes, lets get a pizza go home and eat it all!!! " I think he was very eager to eat the whole thing since his sisters were all gone at school still. But when I got to my sister in laws her red-headed five year old wanted some pizza as well. So we let her have a piece. But when she was looking in the box, she saw a piece with a bubble in it, and said, " I want the one with the bubble!!" It being a fairly large piece, I decided to tell her that I wanted the one with the bubble, because it's my pizza. She came back after about 10 -12 seconds and said, "Yeah, but it's my house!" She had me good on that one. I don't even remember who ended up with the piece that had the bubble.