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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's in your ear??

Just this morning I decided look into Little Guy's ear, and Thomas asked, "Does Ethan have Potatoes in his ear?" I said, " Yep, it sure looks like it" He said, " How big are they? " Now this might not seem so funny to the innocent reader but before you go skipping past here, the background info : When I take my kids to the doctor for a checkup the one that we like to go and see always goes to check the ears, and says, " I need to see if there are any potatoes in your ear" and when there aren't any he says " No pototoes in here!" So I'm amazed how well my 4 year old can recall things like this, and it's been a few months I think since we went last. I wish I had that kind of a memory -- I'm so forgetful anymore these days.